How many stores does James Hall supply?

We supply over 640 stores across the North of England.

Where are products delivered to?

All products are delivered to our distribution depot: SPAR Distribution Centre, Bowland View, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 5QT (for sat nav use PR2 5PZ)

Do you insist on ‘CHEP’ pallets?

We accept CHEP blue pallets (UK, Euro, 1/2 Euro), EUR stamped white Euro pallets, LPR (logistic packaging return) pallets, IPP (International pallet pool) pallets.

How would I receive orders from James Hall?

We send our orders via EDI (email).

What are your payment terms?

We pay at the end of the month following the invoice date.

Do products have to be barcoded?

Yes, we only sell barcoded products, however there are some exceptions for example loose fruit and veg.  For information on barcodes please follow the link

Shall I send samples?

Samples will only be required if you are invited to attend a Buyer Meeting, however please include a photograph of your product as part of your application.

How long will it be before I hear back about my application?

We will answer you within 10 working days of your applications – it will often be sooner.

Will I be expected to promote my product?

Promotions dramatically increase sales volume and therefore suppliers are encouraged to promote by our trading team.  Our experience shows that the sales volume increase justifies the support invested to pass on deals to our customers.