In conjunction with Lancashire County Council, James Hall & Co. started weekly, COVID-19 lateral flow tests at Bowland View on Monday 4th January 2020.

After one week of working with The British Army, over 30 staff volunteers were trained in how to supervise, administer and process the tests. Undergoing training as how to protect themselves through wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) and sanitising each station between tests. Staff process each result and enter details of positive cases on the NHS Test and Trace system so that the company can deliver weekly reports back to Lancashire County Council and identify any positive cases quickly.

If a staff member does receive a positive result, they must immediately leave site, self-isolate for the appropriate time and take another NHS COVID-19 test. They must also use this system when returning to work and cannot enter their department without a negative result.

Over 4,000 tests were conducted at Bowland View throughout January with staff tested at least once a week, and from these tests, a very small number of positive cases were successfully identified.

Steven Pickup, Health and Safety Director at James Hall & Co. said, “Clayton Park Bakery took part in a pilot testing scheme before Christmas and those tests proved very useful in protecting our workforce, identifying positive cases quickly and ensuring minimum disruption to production. As a result, we were keen to implement a testing scheme at Bowland View and with over 800 members of staff coming on-site during the testing period, these tests have played a very important role in protecting our keyworkers, their families and the daily business operations. We have had a very positive response from staff across the company and plan to continue testing until April when we will review the situation. Staff have embraced this weekly test willingly and we must say a huge thank you to the volunteers who have come forward to protect their colleagues and the continuation of the essential services our business provides. Your commitment is hugely appreciated by all across the business – thank you.”