Ram and Bhav Parmar have been with James Hall & Co. for 16 years.

Ram said, “Before we joined James Hall & Co. and SPAR,
we ran our store independently. Due to those learnings and after 16 years with James Hall & Co., I know that we couldn’t have survived in this current climate without the support of being part of a symbol group.

“In order to keep up with increased demand, we have had to
double our ambient order from 11 units per week to 21, which James Hall & Co. did without question. It would have been an absolute nightmare trying to get this level of stock from cash and carry warehouses, and would have taken up valuable time going back and forth with limited vehicle space, horrendous queues and strict product rationing. I wouldn’t have been able to keep my shelves stocked fast enough if we were still independent and relying on cash and carries.”

“My partnership with James Hall & Co. ensures large
volumes of stock are delivered straight to our door, crucial for keeping good availability and freeing up staff time to spend on the shop floor. Throughout this pandemic, my customers have thanked me time and time again for having everything they need. It really has been a godsend working with SPAR and James Hall & Co. during these difficult times.”