SPAR Wines

SPAR UK, the leading symbol group, is announcing the release of its latest collection of value own label wines.

Available now participating licensed SPAR stores, the specially curated wines have been expertly developed by Philippa Carr, Master of Wine, who selected the wines after extensive benchmarking.

The new range encapsulate a commitment to taste, quality and value for money and feature three varieties, catering to diverse palates and occasions. From a fruity red to a crisp white and fresh rosé, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Each new wine bears the hallmark of SPAR’s uncompromising commitment to quality.

Amrit Rebello, SPAR Brand Controller, said: “We are delighted to launch our new range of value wines specially curated for our SPAR stores. They are not only competitively priced, but they are also designed to be an attractive option for shoppers looking for affordable yet flavourful choices. When the taste, packaging, and the price point come together, it definitely makes for the perfect offer.”

Master of Wine, Philippa Carr, added: “Every step of the winemaking process has been meticulously overseen to ensure great quality and taste. I selected the new SPAR own label wine collection with the aim to provide wine lovers with exceptional value, making them the perfect choice for everyday enjoyment. With SPAR’s seal of excellence, shoppers can trust that every bottle delivers an outstanding experience. Cheers to a delightful wine experience, whether you choose to have a drop, splash or sip!”

The value range is being launched with the introduction of  the three critters featured on the bottles – Reginald the Dog (red), Croxanne the Crocodile (white) and Phil-Mingo the Flamingo (rosé). The characters have been created to engage with age-appropriate shoppers in a light-hearted and memorable way with the use of QR codes incorporated on the bottles. This will direct shoppers to a dedicated age-verification website and will provide more information about the wines.

A drop of Red featuring Reginald the Dog

  • Short tasting note: Bold and full bodied
  • Full tasting note: An enjoyably bold, rich and full flavoured red wine
  • Taste: Blackberries 
  • Style: 4
  • Food match: Enjoy with casseroles, BBQ’s or vegetarian lasagne. The drop of red is a tasty, smooth, and rich red, perfect with pasta, poultry and meat dishes.

A sip of White featuring Croxanne the Crocodile

  • Short tasting note: Crisp and refreshing 
  • Full tasting note: A light and deliciously fruity and floral dry white wine
  • Taste: Apples and pears 
  • Style: 2
  • Food matches: Enjoy with fish or creamy pasta dishes. The sip of white is a fresh, fruity, and floral white wine paired well with poultry, fish, and egg dishes.

 A splash of Rosé featuring Phil-Mingo the Flamingo

  • Short tasting note: Fresh and fruity
  • Full tasting note: A refreshingly dry and fruity rosé
  • Taste: Strawberries and summer fruits 
  • Style: 2
  • Food matches: Enjoy with salads, quiche or Asian dishes. A splash of rosé is a fresh and fruity wine paired well with salads or snacks.

The launch of the new value range of SPAR own label wines is being supported in-store with POS in addition to responsible age-verified social media and digital activity.

In 2022, SPAR became the first grocer to make its full range of own label wines suitable for vegans. This new SPAR own label value wine collection is vegan friendly and available for purchase at participating licensed SPAR stores in England, Scotland and Wales from 23rd May 2024.