Centralised Store Replenishment (CSR)

CSR is a Centralised Store Replenishment system designed to save time and costs in store by making stock replenishment more accurate and more efficient. The system uses sales data and stock levels in store to generate accurate forecasts and suggested order quantities. Because it is linked to our warehouse system, it is able to deal with product pack changes and substitutes more effectively than other ordering methods.

The system works effectively in all types of stores including fuel and non-fuel, rural, inner-city and highly seasonal. As well as making the process of stock replenishment quicker and more efficient, CSR has the effect of minimising stock holding whilst maximising availability.

Initially designed for head office use to order for company-owned stores, CSR has evolved into a flexible and adaptable ordering method suitable for independent retailers, as well as larger groups.

One independent retailer in Lancashire found that adopting CSR brought a reduction in the number of out-of-stocks down by half, whilst at the same time reduced average stock holding by £15,000. Another Lancashire retailer had similar results, reducing their stock holding by the equivalent of half a week’s sales.

CSR helps us in many ways. It cuts out human errors and makes ordering more efficient. It also keeps our stock levels down which make it easier to work stock and helps cash flow.

It provides useful reports and information to review slow-sellers. At Low Row we noticed an immediate improvement in availability and optimised stock holding. We also appreciate the support and knowledge of the ordering team at James Hall who help us with each order.

Martyn Richardson

Independent Retailer